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“Oh God. Man, I am a techie…!!, no soldier !!” – thoughts abruptly broke the boundaries of brain and rode on the boisterous vocal cord of Rajiv.

Rajiv is a geek, who is enthusiastic about computers and lives in an advanced world of robots, self-driven cars, and teleporting machines. He is happily married to Saumya and is an alien to his niece, Sneha, who love to hear his stories and not believe them. But the happy go lucky life of Rajiv, goes topsy-turvy, when he is entangled in an abduction drama engulfing his team lead, Sriram, and a few other colleagues. Rajiv soon emerges as the chosen one and only hope for Sheshan, who heads a covert facility, installed for the development of a highly confidential weapon program. Rajiv’s esoteric skills are at loggerheads with that of an equally competent, if not superior enemy. As the layers unfold, the roots of the hostile guests are traced to the transnational boundary. Degree of threat not only increases, but becomes somewhat incalculable. It can only be conjectured. How may secrets can Rajiv Withstand? Can Sheshan meet the deadline of 20 days? If not, then what?? Can they all put together, tenterhook the enemy? Can Rajiv bail them out? Will Rajiv return to hug Saumya? Will he be able to complete the stories Sneha yearns for? Yes or no, whatever be the answer to all the above questions, the only constant remains is that each and every stakeholder will definitely end up with unforgettable memories.




“Kumar Nishant” is a marketing professional, born and brought up in the capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi.

Things change for sure, as one move forward with studies and is befriended by the responsibility. The only constant Kumar could survive, was his love for music which slowly led him into writing small pieces. What started with few slowly met the mirage of horizon.

A debutant with “War of Secrets”, Kumar is the winner of “Foxclues India 100 Prime Authors Award – 2021” for the same.

War of Secrets

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