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Life is full of drama, chaos, happiness, excitement, sorrow, disappointment, and other diverse emotions. Any emotion at its extreme can lead someone to dysfunction, overthink, stress out etc. The very same emotions can at times induce or give birth to a creative process; music, painting, drama, writing and many more. In my case, it happened to be writing. 
 It won't be wrong to say that I didn't choose writing. I never planned on writing anything, or never thought I would ever publish a book. On the contrary it was writing that chose me.
Each poem of mine were free-flowing thoughts that somehow caused upheaval in my mind, and found their way out in the form of writing.

The poems are filled with emotions and every reader can associate and connect with them. In an era where people barely get time to take care of their emotions and mental health, I believe writing and reading are some of the best ways to encourage oneself. I believe every reader will take pleasure in reading them as much as I cherished writing them.



Riya Ramudamu is an Indian poet who seeks clarity of thought by practising writing. She feels that is one way of introspecting. Independent and assertive in her approach she believes "whatever happens, happens for a reason/better" Teacher by profession, and a passionate writer; if there is something she adores more than herself in the entire world, it is her piece of writing. The words in her writings are basic and simple but sufficiently sharp to pierce the reader’s heart. “Writing for me isn’t just a hobby or passion but an emotional connection, it’s more like giving life to the voices decked inside my mind and feelings prisoned within my heart.” - Riya Ramudamu

The Unspoken Emotions

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