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"The Great Mathematicians of Bharat" emerges as a seminal work, aligning perfectly with the vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, which emphasizes the integration and appreciation of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) in contemporary education. This book meticulously documents the rich legacy of India's mathematical geniuses, serving as a crucial resource in rekindling interest and respect for Bharat's profound mathematical traditions. It underscores the symbiotic relationship between cultural ethos and scientific inquiry, highlighting how Indian mathematicians not only contributed to the field of mathematics but also how their work was deeply interwoven with Hindu spiritual and cultural practices. By chronicling the journey from ancient sages to modern masters, the book provides a comprehensive view of the evolution of mathematical thought in Bharat, thus fulfilling NEP 2020's objective of integrating indigenous knowledge with modern academic frameworks. In doing so, it not only educates but also inspires, setting a precedent for future academic endeavours to explore and celebrate India's rich intellectual heritage.



About the Author:

Mr. Partha Pratim Ray, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Applications at Sikkim University (a Central University), has established himself as a significant contributor in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Next-Generation Computing, and Pervasive Biomedical Informatics. Mr. Ray holds a Master of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering with a specialization in Embedded Systems, and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.

His research excellence is recognized globally, evidenced by his inclusion in the world's top 2% scientists list by Stanford University from 2020 to 2023. Mr. Ray's remarkable achievements include the University Publication Awards – 2023 from Sikkim University, the “Top Downloaded Paper 2018-2019” in “Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies” by Wiley 2020, and the prestigious “IEI Young Engineers Award 2019-20” in Computer Engineering Division.

Mr. Ray has written 6 books and 3 book chapters. He has published 140 journal articles, and 29 conference papers till now. He has filed 7 national patents. He is a senior member of IEEE and member of various committees of reputed organizations.

The Great Mathematicians of Bharat

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