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Joe is the CFO of the World Food Organization, a good job that many would die for. Something amazing is about to happen in his life but it couldn't forbid a murder. The entire city is shaken, while a race starts between two detectives entwined with destiny to catch the killer. Secrets get relieved of his not-so-innocent family and his corrupt power-hungry colleagues. Morality comes into question, but Detective Lee and Detective Ted stop at nothing less than a good job.




Working in an Australian Travel Firm, young writer Shivam Verma was born and brought up in Lucknow. He currently lives in City of New Delhi. He is a digital marketer by profession, working in an Australian Travel Firm, Best and Less, though he aspires to become a full time author. He did his schooling from CMS, Lucknow. Mr. Verma is an engineering graduate in computer sciences from ICFAI University, Dehradun. He has a MBA in marketing from MIT, Pune and is pursuing Masters of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University. After his graduation, he has also been a founder of a media related IT startup. He believes all people in his life or those who come across are all part of his story. He is highly empathetic. The first book he had read was Deception Point by Dan Brown, and never had thought then that he would write one. For all books he had written, he’d drawn inspiration from his own life and experiences. He wishes his books to reach the mass of masses. If you see him little lost in thoughts, it might be a book threading up. Ideally he likes to write in a peaceful room, but has a fantasy for writing in a holiday retreat.

Good Job

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