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Life is a word that comes with multiple meanings and experiences. Life is also not just about existence but about how an individual defines that existence.

"Life is beautiful but not always easy. It has problems too and the challenges lie in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm which makes pain endurable by providing hope"

 A crucial element of mankind’s existence is "Hope". Hope is what people cling on to when they find darkness taking over their lives. Hope is what gives way to survival.

Happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat, day and night, are two sides of the same coin. The one who knows how to keep a balance between two emotional states is a true Human.





Mahak Aggarwal actively participates in community welfare activities like Rotary, Blood Donation Campaign, Cancer Walks, Palna Visits, and seeks to find unique way which can bring a step change in human lives. In her spare time she loves indulging in creative writing, arts and classical dance-Kathak.

She dedicates her drawings and poems in this book to her father, Mr. Vibhor Aggarwal, as he noticed the potential in her and encouraged her to express her thoughts in such a poetic way!


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