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In the vast tapestry of our shared human experience, the echoes of violence reverberate through the ages. Society reserves its admiration for those who weave threads of peace and prosperity into the fabric of their lives. Yet, violence, born of hatred, has the power to metamorphose an individual into a pariah within the collective conscience. “Defying Darkness" unfolds as a poignant narrative, a seismic incident that reverberates through the corridors of an entire family. At its heart lies the tale of a young soul, blissfully unaware of the impending consequences, drawn toward the perilous embrace of a militant group. Against this ominous backdrop, the story pivots around the grandfather's unwavering commitment, a relentless struggle to extricate his grandson from the clutches of chaos and guide him back to the embrace of a normal life. It transcends the boundaries of conventional love, emerging as a potent force that binds the family together in the face of adversity.

Defying Darkness

SKU: RM1452689

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