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The author is an IRS(Ret) former ACPCustoms,Cochin.a poet and writer.a native of Jhansi, living in Cochin

A few of his published titles are लुटेरों का टीला चंबल , पलायन (राजमंगल प्रकाशन ), अष्ट योगी (राजमंगल प्रकाशन ), Parallel Love.

It is worth mentioning-

- that लुटेरों का टीला चंबल has been included in the list of best 500 Books by Indian authors or books set in India of BOOKSICON.COM in 2018 at 451 number, and Parallel love novella has found a place in the Brooklyn public library of NewYork USA.

Ravi Ranjan Goswami
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