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Shrunk is a story of four adventure loving friends. They are forbidden to adventure due to a pandemic. One day, they are shrunk due to a magical orb found in their backyard, and become as small as a nail. Rather than informing their parents, they take this opportunity to go adventure. They come across various unplanned adventures, but manage to survive due to their courage, intelligence and teamwork.




Samartha Bajaj is a passionate reader and budding writer. He has read books from several national and international authors, this inspired him to pen-down his own book. He has written many short stories and poems. “Shrunk” is Samartha’s creation during pandemic induced lock-down. This is his first officially published book. He likes to listen to music while writing books. Playing with his pet hamster and eating ice-creams makes him happy.

Shrunk !

SKU: RM4256387

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