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See your world from your own eyes is a story that reveals and offers its readers, a unique way to observe their life. The plot of the story revolves around Paras Bhardwaj, a young student, dealing with education, friends, life goals, love life and family expectations. A love rejection disturbed his whole routine and affected his way of thinking, he was trapped in the view of the society, but to snatch himself back, he observed life closely, and found all answers of his life from his own way of living. He found the way to observe to implement and find the answers to his life’s questions. He shared the way to observe, now it's upto you, think yourself for your life and you'll be able to see your world from your own eyes.

In the book, the reader goes through a spiritual journey in a practical way, that anyone can relate their life’s little observations and will find, how these little observations can change the way of thinking and way of living. The book advocates, how to live happily, think deep, value oneself, relationships, strength in nature, follow heart and live each & every moment of life. 
This book is written in simple words, it has a story which will keep reader on track in the journey of observating life.

This book advocates there is no perfect way to live a life, it’s always your own way to live, this book helps you clear your vision to see your world from your own eyes.


Young writer Paras Bhardwaj is the founder & CEO of B&B Law Dhara LLP, a legal consultancy firm and the treasurer of Parivartan “The Change” (NGO) and is serving as the National Volunteer In-charge of INDIA. He holds a degree of the Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from AKTU. Paras is an observer and a explorer, who explore his thoughts in most realistic way. Paras did a 850km cycle journey from “Moradabad to Varanasi” for River water conservation and Rejuvenation in 2018 and still involved in various social activities with the NGO.

See Your World from your Own Eyes

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