Syllabus Covered
Strictly according to the syllabus Prescribed by H.P. University, Shimla for B.A. – IIIrd Year Syllabus
UNIT-I: Features of Himachal Pradesh Economy
Resource Endowment - Land, Water, Minerals, Forests, Demographic Trends, Human Development Index. Trends in State income - Structural growth
before and after reforms, Sources of State Finances. Targets and Achievements of Plans and current year Budget
UNIT-II: Agriculture and Horticulture of Himachal Pradesh
Role of Agriculture and Horticulture in State Domestic Product. Cropping pattern, Productivity and yield of major crops, Agricultural marketing,
Agricultural finance, Marginalization and Agricultural Diversification in Himachal Pradesh.
Trends in Fruit and vegetable Production and Productivity. Critical evaluation of government policies on agriculture and horticulture sector.
UNIT-III: Industrial and Power Sector of Himachal Pradesh
Trends and patterns in industrial growth, large scale and small scale industries of Himachal Pradesh, Labour Welfare measures and skill development
programmes. Trends in hydro power generation in Himachal Pradesh. Environmental issues related to Industrialisation and power projects in Himachal
UNIT-IV: Infrastructure and Tourism of Himachal Pradesh
Transport: road, rail and air. Banking, Housing, Social Welfare, Education and health programmes of the State Government. Role of Tourism in the
economic development of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh Ki Arthvyavastha

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